Gun Trust

Custom Attorney Drafted NFA Gun Trust
Designed to protect you and your property for generations to come.

Attorney Andrew V. Coviello, Jr., MBA, Esq. provides personal attention by drafting YOUR custom NFA Gun Trust and NOT a “do it yourself, fill in the blanks, revocable trust” providing You with Your carefully researched, Attorney Drafted Gun Trust, designed to fully comply with the National Firearms Act (Title II of the gun control act of 1968), and custom drafted to serve your specific needs.

Attorney Andrew V. Coviello, Jr., MBA, Esq. has a long standing relationship with Class III Dealers in the Tampa Bay Area, having drafted NFA Gun Trusts for freedom loving, law­abiding citizens who lawfully wish to exercise their Second Amendment Right to purchase and enjoy the following Title II regulated items:
  • ­Silencers/Suppressers
  • ­­Select Fire / Full Auto Firearms
  • ­­­Short Barreled Rifles (SBR)
  • ­­Short Barreled Shotguns (SBS)
  • ­­­Any Other Weapons (AOW)
By complying with the Nation Firearms Act and purchasing via an entity such as a properly Attorney Drafted NFA Gun Trust, law abiding citizens may lawfully purchase, possess, maintain, and be able to hand down NFA Title II regulated firearms.
The Second Amendment:
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The Second Amendment and all its virtues are held in particular esteem by our firm. As an avid outdoorsman and gun owner, Andrew V. Coviello, Jr., MBA, Esq. of Coviello Law, P.A. recognizes that lawful gun ownership transcends mere sporting and recreational uses, as it is an integral part of the American experience and vital to the preservation of our democracy. Because of this belief, we represent clients facing all weapons charges including but not limited to:

  • Carrying Concealed Weapon
  • Carrying Concealed Firearm
  • ­Unlawful Exhibition of Firearm
  • ­All Criminal Charges

Additionally, through pleadings we can assist our clients in retrieving their weapons at the conclusion of their legal proceedings and through the OFFICE OF EXECUTIVE CLEMENCY, we can assisting clients in the restoration of their Constitutional Rights. Yet another service we provide to our clients is the SEALING OR EXPUNCTION / EXPUNGEMENT of their records if legally applicable. On behalf of Coviello Law, P.A., I invite you to call us at (727) 434-­2928 for a free consultation with an experienced, Florida Bar Licensed Attorney. When you do, you will find that we provide personal, comprehensive and effective legal services. We welcome you to our firm.

Identification of Firearms Within the Purview of the National Firearms Act

This guide acts as an aid in identifying types of firearms and destructive devices which MUST be registered with ATF under the National Firearms Act and 27 CFR, Part 479.

Some examples of the types of firearms that must be registered are:

  • Machine guns
  • The frames or receivers of machine guns
  • Any combination of parts designed and intended for use in any part designed and intended solely and exclusively for any combination of parts from which a machine gun can be converting weapons into machine guns
  • Converting a weapon into a machine gun
  • Assembled if the parts are in the possession or under the control of a person
  • Silencer
  • Silencers and any part designed and intended for fabricating a Short­barreled rifles
  • Short­barreled shotguns
  • Destructive devices
  • “Any other weapon.”

A few examples of destructive devices are:

  • Molotov cocktails
  • Anti­tank guns (over caliber .50)
  • Bazookas
  • Mortars

A few examples of “any other weapon” are:

  • H&R Handyguns
  • Ithaca Auto­Burglar guns
  • Cane guns
  • Gadget­type firearms and “pen” guns which fire a projectile by the action of an explosive.


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